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"Gary does an excellent job on tax returns, especially if you are a foreign national like me. His knowledge on visa status (I personally changed my visa status from F to J and H), tax treaties, and tax law is immeasurable. He saved me lots of money by getting maximum refund from Fed and State but also charging me very reasonably. The best of all, he never missed returning my e-mail."

Wook-Jin Seong
Professor/Associate Clinical Specialist

Home country: Korea

"We've been really happy to have our tax returns done by Gary Carter and his team for the last few years. One of the agents we've used before charged a lot more, the other a little less, but one of the returns had to be corrected later by Gary. I've always felt more comfortable when Gary Carter has done our returns - our questions were always interpreted correctly and answered promptly and helpfully. Using the web return has made the process easier as well, in the past I hated having to wait and gather everything together and then traipsing out to someone's office, with the web version I just entered our records as I received them."

Dr. Charles Sanderson and Kate Sanderson

Home country: United Kingdom and Australia

"I have been working with GW Carter for over 8 years. Every single time they have provided excellent service! Returns were always accurate and accepted by the IRS with no questions. I have had complex tax returns involving more than 2 countries, GW provided excellent guidance and supported with extensions and FBARs as needed. Appreciate your service, Gary!!"

Madhu Pudipeddi
Head, Tech R&D

Home Country: USA

"It seems like every year there is something new and special about my tax declaration---the fact that I lived 36 years on two other continents can make things really complicated. Gary and his team have always done a great job helping me reduce the pain associated with preparing taxes at the busiest time of the year. Have used them for 17 years and will continue to do so."

Phil Buhlmann

Home Country: USA

"I highly recommend GW Carter! The tax process is simple and quick, taking advantage of technology to gather information. When I've needed to talk about tax questions, the staff have been helpful and informative."

Dawn Spanhake

Home Country: USA

"Attention to detail and an easy and secure means of exchanging tax documents -- all of this delivers our tax returns ahead of the filing deadline -- which means my family has no stress as the filing deadline approaches."

A. Chase Turner
Computer Scientist

Home Country: USA

"Have been using this tax service for a year and find it's the best."

Vernon Keeley
Digital Specialist

Home Country: United Kingdom

"Worked with Gary and his team for many years and I couldn't be happier. They have gone above and beyond for me on many occasions."

Phillip Middlebrook
IT Manager

Home Country: New Zealand

"I found these guys to be very helpful. It's rare to find tax advisors in the US who specialize in non-permanent resident cases, and they seemed very well-informed. They have efficient systems in place for working with customers remotely via email, and they were very friendly and responsive when it came to questions. Our returns for the year were particularly complicated, and it relieved a good deal of stress having their help. All in all, I'd recommend them if you're a non-permanent resident with tax obligations."

Peter Hawke
PhD Student

Home Country: United Kingdom

"I initially became aware of the services that GW Carter provides back in 2009. At this time, I was just starting out in business and had just moved to the US and was uncertain of IRS regulations pertaining to this. My business is split between the US and Ireland which at times gets me confused! In 2009, Gary gave me some free advice via email and I've used his company ever since. Filing my tax returns every year has been painless and efficient. These guys really know how to put a Non-Resident tax return together."

Michael Gormley
Software Engineer

Home Country: Ireland