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in the questionnaire below, we ask only general questions regarding your work in the United States and abroad, and your business, rental and investment income. The only identifying information we request is your name and email address. If you are a foreign national and not a permanent resident, we must know your visa history and the number of days you were present in the United States for at least the last three years, so you should have your passport and travel dates handy. For a general menu of our fees for various forms see our Fee Schedule.

There are potentially 87 short screens of questions - but don't panic - virtually nobody is required to answer that many questions. You are only presented with the screens relevant to you, so you will likely see only a fraction of the 87 screens. That means there are a few slow spots while the form shuffles through questions you don't need to answer. The survey is shorter for US citizens and residents, and longer for foreign nationals with work visas. The completion time is anywhere from 2 to 10 minutes, depending on your situation. Finally, if you don't see a question below asking for your name, it means the server is just down temporarily. Please check back.

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If you must leave the form before you submit it, your answers should be saved in your browser. Please be sure to answer each question carefully so that we can properly determine your best filing strategy. The correct answer to each question is critical for us to properly determine the tax forms you are required to file and whether you are potentially eligible for treaty benefits. If you are a foreign national and would like to determine whether you are classified as a nonresident alien or a resident alien, see Your Residency Status Questionnaire before you start.

Oh, and one more thing - Don't hit the "PREVIOUS" link. Because of the conditional logic of the form, this will probably create an error message and it will be necessary to start again.

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